Unbeatable Warmth Factor Of Modern Homes

There is something to be said for living in a modern home.  It doesn’t have the aesthetic beauty that a romantic tudor villa still holds, or a Victorian one for that matter.  However, the convenience factor of having modern clean lines, wall to wall carpeting and well fitting and effective upvc window and door frames with triple glazing goes a long way to making the home acceptable.  I recall many a freezing cold awaking as a child – in homes with a fire in the main living room and the rest of the house unheated;  everywhere cold.  If we were poorly, an electric fire or paraffin heater was brought in from the shed.  We didn’t expect anything different – these were vast improvements on the conditions our grandparents had live through.  Imagine living in a house where icicles hung down from the window ledges in deep winter – on the inside as well as the outside!