Traditional To Modular & Differences Between

There have been various building methods in this country literally since the beginning of time.  Being a very old and established land, we’ve benefitted from the experience of many different generaitons from the earliest cavemen up to today’s expert and high tech esigners.  The more modern methods are so up to date that each new safety law on statute is incorporated.  But there was a previous era, called traditional construction and here we discuss a few differences between that and the modular construction popular today.   The term traditional generally refers to the linear method in which every individual step has to be constructed almost conclusively on the site and also required completion before any move to the next project phase.   Whereas modular construction is a method of off site based construction in which individual elements are fully prefabricated in a factory and taken to the site just about complete and then assembled in situ on site, saving many thousands of pounds.