Too Tight Squeeze Needs Room For Expansion

Time and time again I go to put something away in my utility room or kitchen larder and find that there’s just no room.  It’s not that I’m particularly disorganised or a hoarder.   I just seem to accumulate stuff that might just come in useful some time hence.  The ability to disgorge these unwanted items into the bin and move must have been programmed in to someone else.   When you feel that you have outgrown your house and you’re feeling pretty cheesed off at not being able to function, it is time to take stock and decide whether you need to move, move furniture around or build on additional space.  Is there room to build above and behind an integral garage for example.  I know one family who have done that and they extended the new build section behind th house to swing round from the garage complex.  It looks fantastic – so much more space for family and the working woman!