Today’s Building Standards Are So Much Safer

The sound of dumper trucks racing about on a building site is one thing that doesn’t seem to have changed much over the decades.  In those far off days when I was a nipper, there was always building going on somewhere around us – great mountains of sand and other materials.  The builders never wore hard hats as they have to these days.  They didn’t wear hi viz jackets either, from my memory.  it was a common site to go past a new building site with ladders and scaffolding up, with chaps haring along at speed, no apparent safety equipment.  Running up and down floor board planks from a lower level with wheel barrows full of material for their next stage.

Heaven knows how many industrial accidents there were.   It is terrifying thinking about the total disregard for personal safety .  Yet the houses got built.  The houses and buildiing sandards are much safer these days!