Tips On What To Consider In A Building

Ho ho, there are some building  hints that could go down well in any era . . . .  don’t forget the damp proofing course;  make sure the fireplace is very safe for any kind of fire;  make sure the exterior walls are true and that every single bit of mortar is as well filled as possible.   For those hardier souls buying into an ancient or very historic property, then even more common sense is required.   Is the roof sound;  are the windows appropriate for the age of the house and can they be improved at a reasonable cost. . .  Even more critical  – is the property thatched . . . now this is a truly thorny consideration.   If it has been bought for a younger member to eventually own, they ma y not appreciate the problems associated with thatches.  Yes, they look fab but they need replacing at least once in 40 years, depending on type of thatched used last.  There may or may not be pantiling on other parts of the roof structure – that needs separate checking for loose parts and dampness underneath the tiles.  In the 1900s the family would not have known about some of this list  and it needs good policing