The Luxury Of Hot Water Storage & Central Heating

How well I remember my first house purchase – the middle of a victorian terrace in a once smart area of a county town.  In it’s heyday it would have been considered a comfortable spacious family home.  An owner before us had knocked together two back rooms to form a long galley kitchen – replacing the original scullery with ceramic sink and wooden draining board and maybe some marble shelving.  We had no central heating – just gas fires in the principle rooms and old fashioned storage heaters to cope with the coldest winter in recent years!  The house was always cold and there was an unmistakable smell of damp.  This turned out to be from a broken gutter along the next door terrace.  My how housing construction has improved over the 40 years since then – and I am so very grateful for my lovely safe, comfortable modern house today with heating, hot water storage and triple glazed windows!