Surprise To Find Architectural Gem Of A Kind

I don’t think there can be any more obvious case of stereo typing than assuming that sweet rather mumsy little old lady on your local committee is anything than a sweet little old mum or granny.  When folk age, it’s quite easy to forget they every had any useful life before the pension arrived!   This kind of surprise came upon me recently when I was asking what exactly  one particularly quiet, inoffensive and apparently inactive old lady did to help our cause.   I was told that she was good with designing things. Hmmm, well, that did surprise me but not as much as then hearing she was an architect.   Not only trained but was responsible for several beautiful properties and remodelling of other properties down in Cornwall.  You couled have knocked me down with a feather, as they say.  Knowing how precise that work has to be and so involved, mind boggling sizes and statistics – I just cannot reconcile myself with that information!  I should not be surprised, after all some of the greates designs are by women!