Space Saving Storey For Growing Families

I was sitting outside my dentist’s the other day and in the car next to me a couple of pensioners were also whiling away the time.  They were musing about three brand new houses opposite.   They were a pair of semi detached, 3 storey with gabled windows in the roof – just like the old Victorian terraces .  The lady realised that although the house was the same height as its neighbour, a link detached semi, the latter had less windows and none at all in the roof.  Her husband then took more interest, and realised that the 3 storey would have no attic – those cute little gabled windows meant that huge space normally filled with everything that doesn’t fit downstairs is actually a one large bedroom suite or two ensuite bedrooms.   I like the 3 storey idea as it saves wasting a lot of space on storing stuff no one ever uses and it also uses the heating more effectively by not allowing cold air to gather under the roof tiles.