Safety Of Nanny State To Be Applauded

we are very lucky in this country that our building standards are so very high.  It is a rare thing for any building or bridge to fail, fall down or just crumble away.  Ulike in so many other parts of the world where the building standards are so poor and the corruption even worse.  We hear every day about schools or bridges collapsing in very densely populated areas.  A bridge came down near Milan recently – lots of fatalities and it turns out the building contractors had cut corners, not installed all the safest materials but had charged for them.   In China, there was a whole spate of schools collapsing for much the same reason.  They just don’t treat life, especially childrens’ lives, with any feeling of uniqueness or being blessed.  I’m glad our construction industry is so regulated.  Bring on that Nanny State if it means we live happily and in absolute safety!