Property People Know The Ropes & Strings

When you’re thinking about refurbishing a place, there are so many considerations.  Firstly is this property going to be yours entirely, not shared with anyone other than direct family.  Or  it going to be a cute little bed and breakfast establishment – the only one in your area . . . Whatever the plan, it is essential to understand what can be done with the property without need to recourse to the planning authorities.

If you fancy altering your building to become a bed and breakfast all year round, there may be a need to make your own personal space a great as possible if  you are living on site also.  These may seem obvious but it is incredible how many folk never read the rules and regulations surrounding their project before they get stuck in.  Knowing how to deal with the local planning officers is something a property handling agent will be expert at.  That and carrying out the essential refurb of course!