Post Christmas Remodelling Needed Quickly

This last Christmas was fascinating in our household.  We had been invited down to the country to join the other wing of our newly extended family.  This lot live in some splendour in their dream country house – six bedrooms, two or three bathrooms etc. etc.  Well, they did seem a bit distracted during our stay – things didn’t seem to be running as smoothly in the catering department as expected.    It turns out that their kitchen needs a complete refit as the attractive cabinets aren’t what they appeared when buying the house.  There are gaps and the drawers don’t shut.  The huge fridge freezer unit sticks out awkwardly and the cooker is too small.  so they have decided to engage a properly experienced design and build studio who will listen to what they need to change and can show them examples of what will improve their lot – and how to achieve that.