No Cheating On Planning Permission

I heard tell the other day that report on the local news recently about someone who had bought a fair sized detached farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and put in for planning permission to expand.   The permission was denied and the planning authority thought no more about it.  Several months later it came to their attention that the owner of the building had strated work on his intended extension without waiting for planning approval.   Not only did he not wait for this to come through, he completely ignored the rejection and did not apply for retrospective permission either.  Somehow word got round the wider neighbourhood that the farmhouse was being worked on.  Presumably builders in that line would have known about a project and they all scan the local house sales for likely projects for themselves.  This was the house owners downfall – he had not appreciated that one of these builders raised the subject with the building inspector next time they had business together.  Classed as getting one’s own back!