New Rules & Challenges Coming About

There will be many changes in our laws coming eventually.  With brexit having been finally negotiated and finalised, from an everyday main point of view, the small stuff is what actually affects our every day lives.  Most of oour laws will be tweaked where necessary but others will have to be completely rethought.  Planning for developments will remain for the time being and as situations arise causing any concern, these will be addressed as needed.  It’s far too much and too complex to try and encompass everything in one go.  It was quite awful enough when the negotiators were going hell for leather every day.  The news reports were full of gloom and despondency.  today there are several instances where the new regime is having a few teething problems, requiring diplomacy amd a determination not to buckle at the first objective hurdle. At least today we are so far advanced down the communications road that the powers that be cannot ignore Mr & Mrs Jo Public