New Roofing Eaves Suggests Bungalow Expansion

I am fascinated by the work being carried out on a bungalow near me.  It’s one of six originally put up by a builder in the 1920s – the others have over the years been modernised and homogonised into bland boxes with moderen windows and standard front doors.  One or two still have a porch but only this one remains almost as it was built – with dark red bricks and really unusual art deco styling.  The original front windows were tall and narrow – four, set in brick pillared rescesses.  The lead panes always looked so classy.  Then on the right corner of the property was a porch – large and roomy, offering access to a stunning oak front door.   The bungalow has had much work carried out in recent months – there is much building material delivered and currently the whole of the front is covered by tarpaulin and brand new roof eaves.  Suggesting perhaps it will remain a bungalow for not much longer.