Needing To House The Many Home Seekers

There are so many families wanting to buy new houses that the developers are struggling to keep up with demand.  This causes a wee problem for those of us who bought our homes many years ago and are now in danger of losing some of the wonderful countryside that surrounds us.   So far in my immediate environs, the building has been contained to the edges of the main dual carriageways out of town.  Nothing has spilled out yet to really serious country fields – thankfully these are sill protected by the county five year building plans. Time will come though when all the existing brownfill sites will have been exhausted – raized to the ground and completely transformed into new, bright homes for singleton working folk and starter homes for first time buyers.   The range and scope of recent developments have been eye popping.  Fantastic apartments within old shoe factory settings.  Bringing modern living together with a touch of history.