Modern Fibreboards Offer Maximum New Build Benefit

How other countries and cultures build their family homes has never really been a subject to take up much of my time – it’s not that I’m not interested, but I have always had to buy houses that form part of a long established terrace or well developed estate.  No opportunity to influence the build criteria, safety or quality,   I do know that my current house has a strong, immacuately executed brick outer shell.  Inside that comes the dark grey breeze block middle and the inner is either another brick construction if it’s a supporting wall, or just fibreboard of one type or another.  The fibreboards today are of all kinds – some for heat retention;  others are very well constructed fireproof for putting in kitchens and anywhere with heat producing operations within.  There are also noise reducing boards too.  My son in law is completing a massive extension that incorporates some of each type – as discussed with the architect and planners, to ensure maximum  sustainability and safety is assured.