Limited Parking With New Builds Fails To Encourage Restraint

There are a handful of areas near me that do not form part of any massive development owned and built on by one of the country’s mega conglomerates.  The big house builders seem to own most of the land.  Or so we think.  It seems as though this urgent quest to build 45 thousand, sixty thousand homes will swallow up our entire green pastures and field.  I panic some times when I think I might wake up one day and find the entire network of fields next to my house has been swept away and I have 400 shiny new houses being put up.  Admittedly these will be energy efficient, with space, heat, power saving devices and only one car space – limiting the parking space is supposed to discourage families from wanting two or more cars.  Wrong.  They still have all the cars they want and now park them all over the pathways and verges.