Housing Boom Depends On Geographic Area

This year has seen an amazing change in the housing market in the part of country where I live.  Being centrally placed with good arterial road connections, there has been a sudden boom in the number of houses being built.  I had noticed this over the last 3 or 4 years, that every bit of spare land seemed to now have some form of housing development on it.  It wasn’t until I spent a week in the glorious south west of the country that the difference in numbers hit me like a brick – quite literally.

Down amongst the lovely old villages and farmland, there wasn’t a new build to be seen – none of the big building comglomerates proudly hoisting their corporate flags above the last piece of unbuilt on land.  There were just fields.  As much as I lamented this, it did strike me that the young folk cannot possibly be able to buy anything themselves there, nothing new at all.