House Buying Experiences Makes Us Older & Wiser

When we think of new houses, I’m pretty sure that we will all start out with a completely different idea.  I am of the generation where a new house meant a bigger, more palatial pad than the one we’ve just left.  We used to start off in the smallest one around – usually it being the largest we could afford at the time.  Then we progressed to the next stage, of say a two bedroomed terrace and then a three bedroomed if we’d got babies by that time.  There was a certain inevitability that was almost a comfort.  Today’s young buyers are constantly chasing their tales trying to get the amount together for the deposit – generally 20%, and then there are the solicitors fees on top.  There are times when being older and wiser is more comfortable but I wish we’d had the unbelievably low insterest rates prevailing as we speak!