Harsh Conditions Herald Changes In Lifestyle

As I sit looking out onto my garden, during a seriously hot period of drought, I am reminded that it was only a few short weeks ago that we were bemoaning how cold and claggy our gardens looked.  Knee deep in mud and we’d also had hard frosts and snow that actually stayed down for days.  Funny how the global warming that had been laughed at only years ago is really here and we haven’t actually got geared up to accommodate it.  If I had taken the weather forecasts seriously I would not have bought many shrubs and plants that now need a lot of water to sustain them.  I would have found another source of plant life.  But it takes time to adjust to news ways of having to live.  Far less water around means fewer baths.  Fewer showers too – back to washing at the basin with a flannel and only a couple of pints of hot water.