Greater Need for Outdoor Family Space

If the average householder was able to address a bunch of town and development planners and architects about what they saw as really helpful to most families, there would be much diverse conversation around that table.  From the female point of view, houses more space in the kitchen and bathroom areas.  The move towards ensuite facilities for bedrooms is excellent – leaving the main bathroom available for children to fight over.   The integrated utility room next to most new kitchens is also a brilliant development.  Keeping the kitchen/social space uncluttered by laundry, and garbage concerns.   What developers should also think about is giving families more land with their properties so everyone has more space to relax outside.  Children would play outdoors more often if there was enough space to do everything – grow plants, have bar-b-qs, hang washing, splash in a paddling pool, play footie.   The post war housing rebuild included all this space to encourage families to live life to the full, and to grow vegetables too!