Getting Build Ons Done Properly, Legally & Safely

Needing to expand the home can be quite challenging.  We don’t all have space around our current homes to add anything on.  Maybe if there’s an attached side garage, it may be possible to built on above and behind that.  Also, some homes will have a patio area immediately behind the kitchen/dining rooms and it’s often possible to know these out and expand out into the garden.  It requires a professional building company with architectural services who can offer the expertise to look at the poblem, come up with suggested plans to resolve and who are familiar with everything connected with the current building regulations and planning laws for the area.  Having a scheme is one thing – getting approved and built is quite another.    Having selected your team, ensure they’re fully insured for public liability and personal injury.   Never take chances using anyone offering a price that’s too good to ignore – it always, always always will be necessary to ignore!