From Industrial Clagheap To Inspiraitonal Homesteads

Watching all the building activity in the area near me is interesting in that after a short while the new properties and estates begin to melt into the environs and it’s hard to imagine what was ever there before.  I’m thinking of two previously really ugly and unloved industrial sites.  There was quite a bit of opposition to one of them being sold for ‘yet more’ homes.  But honestly now that the twenty or so very beautiful executive neo georgian detached have been there for a while, the surrounding gardens and green space have developed into a really attractive and inspirational estate.   So from an old pile of half demolished brick and metal works that had been really badly treated by youths and flytippers, a little piece of domestic paradise for twenty families has come to fruition.   The beauty of having these smaller infill developments is their peripheral designs – gardens and landscapes that have to be provided as part of the deal.   A complete package which makes it all sweeter for the onlooker, if not always the bill payer!