Fine Line Between Affordable & Extravagant

New houses are popping up all over the place still.  Not only at the end of every dual carriageway in this county, bu in every infield spot known around.  I like the idea that brownfield sites are being reutilised for this purpose – in fact some of the most ugly and disgusting concrete carbuncles have been demolished and replaced with very smart and attractive social housing projects.  Where there was a particular architectural theme, the new properties have been designed to match in sympathy.  Gable front porches, concrete lintels, wooden look front doors instead of the steady but boring stream of plastic or upvc doors.  The homes are snapped up very quickly – never left to be sold off cheaply.  It has made a great difference to the local town and I applaud these social efforts.  I just wish the rest of the houses were not making me feel hemmed in with the constant stretching of the boundaries!