Evolution Of Family Homes Over 150 Years

There are so many types of homes for families to live in – from the humble flat/apartment, to victorian  terrace, and larger semi detached villa styles – often with generous gardens behind.  Then we come up to the fairly modern semi detached estates from the 1950s , which if they were built for any local council from 1948, would have to have plenty of garden for families to grow their own vegetables and fruit.  Then we come up to the fabulous 4 or 5 bedroomed detached executive sized with double garage and a small garden behind – adequate for families to play, kick a ball around, play with the dog, and pave a little to house the now absolutely essential bar-b-que nd outdoor party area.   In the grand scheme of things from the start of AD era, we have evolved amazingly, but more so in the last 150 years.  To match the needs and expectations of the population explosion.