Cul de Sac Becomes Construction Concourse

I have recently returned from a few weeks travelling in Europe.  Before I left there was peace and harmony in my little cul d sac and everything was right with the world.  I’ve been back four days and it’s like a universal building site.  One of my immediate neighbours is having a large single storey extension built across the back of their house.  A chap at the far end of our cul de sac has now got building products, breeze blocks, pallets of red bricks and a new patio door all stacked up on the spare land next to his garage.  Then just around the corner two other homes are having their driveways dug up and paved with ornamental paving slabs or bricks of some sort.  The noise take you back a little between the hours of 8am and 1pm caused mainly by the enthusiastic use of  assorted concrete mixers, kango hammers and male voices whistling through the air.  Well it just goes to prove that the working man is never happier than when he’s got a bit of machinery in his hand!