Crisis Surrounding Labour & Materials Shortage

There has been a steady decline in the rate of house building being commenced and being finalised since Christmas.  This is entirely down to the global pandemic that has literally stunned the world and caused mayhem and havoc throughout the supply lines of building materials and labour.  I know of a young couple who had exchanged contracts on their starter home new build back in early January with a completion date of early April.  She was so excited when I saw her in February- everything was going really well.  The house was on target, one of just six being released and despite the anxiety over applying for a mortgage and then jumping through the hoops to obtain a help to buy deposit from the government, they were beyond excited.  Of course with something as rare and completely unexpected and well out of the experience of almost every government official, there had to be lock dowon restriction put in place to contain the epidemic in early March.  Sadly, apart from the financial havoc being caused, the rebound effect of this on all families will be felt for generations to come.