Beautiful Mountain Views Only A Dream Away

Lush mountain views with beautiful forests of dark green pine trees and blue sky . . .  dream world wakes up with a sudden start.  That was my wish for a view to wake up to, or miles of fields with masses of trees in clups around the edges.  These natural delights are there to make me realise that life is very easy over here.  I live in a very comfortable executive detached home.  All mod cons and no worries about where the next pitcher of water will come from.  This is so different to much hotter climes, the part of the world where everyday life is just a struggle from start to finish.  It’s these dramatic variances that make me appreciate having a well designed, safely constructed home – not a shanty town shack made of any old bits of tree and corrugated iron.  I use my water and other utilities frugily so as to sustain them.